We are a video-first digital marketing agency. Production of video and digital content, digital marketing and social media management. We are a one-stop shop for digital marketing encompassing every part of the process from copywriting, content creation, social media management, ad spend management and sales conversion campaigns. We work with political figures, NGOs and brands to build engaged audiences, build a loyal following and monetize those audiences when and where appropriate.

Our Team

Thomas Dejaegher

Thomas Dejaegher

Thomas is our classically trained videographer and an advanced film and television graduate from Loyalist College specializing in directing, editing, and CGI. After graduating at the top of his class, Thomas opened a company, the sole purpose of which was to feature people and products by sharing their stories through high quality video.

Since his graduation in 2018, Thomas has been working in video production as a producer, director, editor, and post-supervisor, as well as several minor roles on commercial and television sets. Thomas’ most notable marketing highlight was his marketing work and promotional video for the Dominican University Collage’s Ottawa Campus, as well as producing content for multiple small to mid-sized companies across the greater Ottawa area.

Through Iris & Hermes Digital, Thomas is taking his passion for professionally tailored content to new heights as he leads the production team through the world of video marketing strategies in a video first social media environment

Michael Schurter

Michael Schurter

Michael is our digital marketing and communications specialist. He has been working in digital marketing, social media and online sales conversion in politics and real estate since 2010. Michael has also been a digital communications strategist for several federal and municipal political figures since 2008. He has been responsible for teaching and implementing protocols around: mailing list implementation, fundraising, media monitoring, social and digital messaging, strategic/crisis communications, community management and media relations. 

Michael holds accreditations from Meta and Google in digital marketing, a drone pilots licence and a B.A. in Law – concentrating in business law from Carleton University. Michael was also a nationally recognized winner of several entrepreneurial awards and for operating a team in the top 2% of Royal LePage Realtors in Canada. Before joining Iris and Hermes Digital Michael operated an agency called Mike Schurter Marketing. 

Our Partners:

Iris and Hermes also has standing agreements with multiple video and marketing providers including a video editor, an additional videographer, a social media manager (the former manager of digital media for the Leader of the official opposition), social media influencers with a combined 40M views in 2022, a shopify sales expert and an experienced marketing manager with a scope beyond digital media.